Is President Trump Still the Right Choice, Or Did We Mess Up?

Let’s get a little political on this post. I come from New Mexico. I am a Hispanic woman. Lately, I’ve been thinking. There where a lot of Trump supports out there that really would like to see him in Office, and he was able to win the election and make his way into office. In my opinion, this election we didn’t have the best options to really choose from. I’m the type of person who is really open minded and love to hear the opinions of other and actually listen to what they feel, and try and see where they are coming from. Personally, I voted for Hilary Clinton because in MY OPINION, I felt like she was going to be the less of two evils.

So here is my question to the Trump supports, and I please ask for your complete honest and know that I’m not going to put you down or discredit your opinion or views. How you those our there that Voted for Trump feel about the things that he has done in office so far? It’s kind of different for me to see a president continue to use a twitter account to comment or put down certain people who may not still see his side of things or be so open and sometimes saying things that a leader probably shouldn’t say to the people of his country. Do my Trump supporters out there still feel like they made the right call by electing him into office. I will say this that I do agree with some of his viewing points and the things that he does want to change. What turns me off is the way he puts people down or dismiss his fellow Americans when they are not in agreement with him. My opinion, a leader should be able to listen to people who don’t agree with him and give them a chance to just hear him out. All lot of you will come at me and say that i’m not pro about the truth, and in my defense, when I hear about the scandals that come out on the media about certain things he has done, I do like to research and find out if those facts are true or not. I worry about what the government keeps from us and what secrets we don’t know. Especially with all of the drama with North Korea. I find myself scared even at times, like when his own party asks him to just stop the comments he makes against people in an unprofessional way. Yes, there is a lot that needs to change in this country, but are we doing it in the right way with this man as our leader?

I’m not one to sit here and tell you that your viewing points are incorrect. I have a very open mind, and maybe whoever comments on this post can teach me something that maybe I didn’t know. Where do we stand as America? How are our people at this point feeling about the choice we made to have him as our president! I’m hoping to get a lot of response back on this. I’m not looking for an political fights here, just opinions. Let’s start a conversation!!


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